About Roger:


     I have practiced law from the beginning of my professional life primarily in dispute resolution matters that sometimes require litigation. In my early years I defended persons charged with criminal offences, married persons in dispute, as well as researching land ownership records for the Virginia Department of Highways. I was involved in civil trials with my senior partners, and did the research and writing of memoranda and appellate briefs. In 1977, I was appointed assistant Commonwealth attorney and, following the appointment of the Commonwealth Attorney to the General District Court, I ran and was elected to fill the vacant term ending at the end of 1979.

     In 1980, I started a solo practice representing injured persons to recover damages due to vehicle accident, defective products and professional, legal and medical, negligence. I continued in that practice and grew to as many as five associates and/or partners. When the Supreme Court ruled to permit professional advertising, I began to reorient my legal activities from reliance upon bodily injury matters to other areas of dispute resolution. Because of the advertising by lawyers seeking to represent injured persons, my decision proved to be prudent as my representation of injured persons declined significantly because I did not and do not advertise in the traditional media.

     I was appointed the Commissioner of Accounts, similar to the position of probate judge, in 1988 and served in that capacity until December 31, 2008. Although my real estate staff generates over 1 million dollars of loan closings per month, my solo practice is now primarily dispute resolution of civil matters in Tazewell County and its’ surrounding areas, a small but beautiful and secluded portion of southwest Virginia. I associate with other counsel to work for my clients who have legal issues or activities in West Virginia.



Areas of practice - civil litigation, business and general practice

Bodily Injury claims

Business: buy/sell agreements; contracts, employment agreements, leases,
                              organization documents, registered agent services;

Probate: wills, estates, and trusts;

Real Estate: purchase/sale contracts; loan documentation;

Civil litigation: all courts